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Purple Ant

monitoring potential property issues

Purple Ant.png



A Chicago based startup that uses IoT based SaaS platform to monitor sensors to detect for potential home issues such as water leaks, fire damages, and thief.  



Currently working with insurance companies catering to individual homeowners, Purple Ant would like to expand to small business owners. Small businesses, in particular property owners, have expressed interest in the features and services provided; however, Purple Ant needs appropriate information architecture to move into the small business marketplace.  



Our team created an approachable dashboard for primary users, the property owners, that immediately provide urgent detection alerts, and monitors the status of all sensors. Access to real-time data with actionability is essential to preventing damages and avoiding the insurance claims process.




With key concepts for converged design system focusing on simplicity and accessible data and top priority of the dashboard's functionality of prompt notification of alerts, users spend less time having to track and monitor property sensors. This also allows users to be able to locate the data that they require to see quickly. 

Please note that this is a mid-fidelity wireframe demo, and not all links are active. 

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