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guiding people to better health




A nutrition app that helps individuals with health concerns by catering their menu options based on their eating preference and diagnosis.



Millennials are the fittest generation ever, with over 60% involved in a fitness lifestyle. However, with climbing costs of gyms in larger cities, Flatiron/Designation believes millennials to seek alternative ways to stay healthy. With a digital experience in mind, what does the research show that millennials need to maintain a healthy lifestyle?   



Despite being active, our initial research finding showed that over 40% of millennial interviewees had been diagnosed with a specific health concern requiring them to make changes to their eating habits. Rather than focusing a solution on active fitness, our team’s approach was to create an app to improve nutritional lifestyle catering to their specific condition.




Millennials may be the fittest generation in terms of physical strength; however, the sickest generation impacted by growing concerns of allergies, asthma, gut health, diabetes, etc. With most users stating that they have attempted different eating programs, ultimately, it was unsustainable. By being able to customize a menu by the user's health concern, eating preferences, and options for healthier alternatives, this method will help users better commit to necessary long-term changes by making the progression into healthier eating more approachable.   

Please note that this is a mid-fidelity wireframe demo, and not all links are active. 

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