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connecting locals to home service professionals




A home service marketplace app that connects renters and homeowners with local home service professionals. 



With millennials leading the consumer market, they are reporting difficulty finding reliable and affordable contractors to perform home services projects. Flatiron/Designation wants to connect millennial renters and homeowners to local home service professionals by building an on-demand home service marketplace. Our key stakeholder stated, "I want to be the Uber of home services solutions." 



Narrowing our scope to millennial metropolitan renters, we created an app that helps users find reliable, trustworthy contractors with a simple digital platform to address research and hire with an upfront cost that will save time in their everyday busy lives.




With millennials being savvier to the economic cost and value, our platform creates trust and convenience to hire home service professionals. This gives our users more time to do the things they love rather than tedious tasks.

Please note that this is a mid-fidelity wireframe demo, and not all links are active. 

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