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Product Designer

Hello, my name is Awesome. Well, it's Seulki Song, but I've been told many times that I have an awesome name. I'm a product designer currently based in New York City. ​​​​​​​


Anthropologists say that hunter-gatherers are the world’s oldest professions, in my humble opinion, I believe it to be researchers and designers. Cave dwellers, after all, had to research where to gather and design the tools to hunt with (coincidently I just saw the movie The Croods the other night). To me, research and design are as hunting and gathering are to cave dwellers, survival. Without it, our society would lack innovation and cease to exist.  



With a persistent curiosity in human behavior, I studied psychology and marketing as an undergrad and received my master's in design. Along with design, I worked in various industries where I learned how to approach diverse problems and cultivate actionable solutions. 


As a product designer, my primary goal is to empathize with the user and communicate with my team. I view myself as a problem solver; I take the design thinking process to research and define user obstacles and create approachable and enjoyable designs while achieving the users' needs. 


When recharging my creative juice, I enjoy traveling, tacos, and taking a bajillion pictures of my pup Remi. Yes, I'm pretty basic outside of my design life.      

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